Lethal Injections Research Paper

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This is one big controversial issue that we all hear about. It is all over the news, in newspapers and it is a really big concern. That issue wonders whether lethal injection is too kind or too brutal. Well that was a good question, so while conducting a lot of research. I discovered that that topic can be taken both ways. Many people are for lethal injection. For years now there have been concerns whether lethal injections are humane. So, different new stations and websites have begun making different polls that asked if lethal injections should be removed or stay where it is right now. “Only one in three voters surveyed believe that the death penalty should be stopped altogether if lethal injections can no longer be carried out, the survey found. Of the two thirds that support alternatives to lethal injection, many support methods that were retired after they were deemed too cruel by many states” (Clark). Even though there weren’t many voters still one out of three thought lethal injections were a good death penalty and that if there was no lethal injection then they believe the death penalty should be removed. In the past few years there were more polls of the same subject whether lethal injection should be put to an end. Well, the poll results stated that the “support for …show more content…

People all over the world are condoning in abortion (killing of unborn babies), but they are fighting for the life of animals. Unborn children haven’t done anything to harm anyone, but these people that are on death row have both murdered and raped men, women, and children. So shouldn’t they be executed? In my opinion, yes. What if it was your child or your mother wouldn’t that make you want justice? Well, that’s how these families feel. They want justice for what these heinous people have done to screw up their lives. That is why I believe that lethal injections are honestly too

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