Letter From A Birmingham Jail Essay

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My Essay on “ Letter from a Birmingham Jail” Dr. Kings “Letter from a Birmingham Jail” was a sensational piece of literature from the 1960’s. Although he was in jail for a total of 11 days, his words left a great impact on the history of violence against racial minority groups. He stood up against violence giving everyone else the push they needed to understand what was right and what was wrong. Dr. King wrote the letter as a response to the criticism of his church peers. The letter was his way of addressing the injustices happening around him. More than anything else, he wanted equality. Not for himself but for his children and all the other children growing up in this dark era. It is one of the greatest pieces of writing I have ever read that uses emotion, ethical appeal and logical appeal in the perfect combination. The essay has a way of capturing the readers’ attention, and wanting them to fight alongside him for his cause. The fact that he said that he would fight wherever necessary for justice is very heart warming. It shows that Dr. King believes in what he is fighting for and that he would do whatever is needed of him. By helping the people of Birmingham he helps people from everywhere because he believed “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” Dr. King does establish ethos in the beginning of the essay as a way of showing that he was an established, literate man who knew what he was doing and not

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