Letter from Birmingham Jail, by Martin Luther King Jr. Essay

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Is it not ironic that Martin Luther King Jr. s, “Letter from Birmingham Jail”, which testifies to his struggle for Civil Rights; not only contradicts the time Martin Luther King wrote it in, but also echoes the same sentiments of today’s moral causes and laws? . Dr. King (&*) then known as Baptist minister Martin Luther King Jr. wrote the Letter to Birmingham in response to his fellow clergymen’s criticisms of him being locked up for his actions in Birmingham’s Civil Rights protest. The letter’s emotional appeal of pathos and uprightness are apparent as Dr. King likens his reasons for writing the letter to that of the eighth century prophets, who wanted to carry forth the righteous word of the lord. Just as these prophets, chose to …show more content…

While surrounded by a place made for dangerous criminals Martin Luther King Jr.’s letter preaches for the mental elevation of our society from a separations mindset like that of the White Moderates. Who when described by Dr King in the” Letter From Birmingham...” are worse than the Ku Klux Klan because they ride the fence on their indifferences, and are more devoted to peace and order than morality. Drawing upon the moral laws of religion, and the ethical laws of our founding fathers, Dr King goes on to explain how with we should not be exclusive in our belief of these laws, and apply them in certain parameters, but together as a nation uphold higher standards for those in society. Closing the letter in a somewhat contemptuous apology for its length, and the statement that had it been written from a desk, it would have gotten straight to the point. Dr. King links himself to his fellow clergyman in the commonalty that they are also Christian brothers, and are similar in knowing that all men are made equal with a sprit to distinguish what is right or unjust y. In Letter from Birmingham Jail, Dr King relates several moral arguments, which he considers is at the root of his cause, while literarily depicting the respectable qualities and values desired by all humans. The first argument Martin Luther King Jr .presents in his “Letter From Birmingham…” is the reason for his struggle. Though shunned by his fellow clergyman Dr. King’s fight against North

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