Fall Of Communism In The Czech Republic

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Life Before and After the Fall of Communism in the Czech Republic

Recently the senate and county elections in the Czech Republic confirmed that the preference of Czech voters is shifting to the left, what's more the Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia got the second highest number of votes. The results are disturbing, because the last time Communists won the polls, the Czechs ended up being oppressed for over 40 years until they managed to overthrow the government. Now it seems that the same people have suffered from a collective memory loss. Have they forgotten how life was before 1989 and what crimes the communists committed during their reign? Voting for the communists is a mistake, which should never be made, because it …show more content…

The reason was that the communists got rid of inconvenient people. They fired people, they made sure their children couldn't get on the desired universities; they blackmailed, tortured and killed people through staged trials. For the majority of society it was simpler to act as if they were okay with the regime. In this day and age human rights are secured through countless declarations, laws and treaties. International organizations oversee observance and countries that breach these contracts have to face sanctions and they have to answer to the International Court of Justice.

There are also major differences in the everyday life of normal people back then and now. During the reign of Communists it was forbidden to travel out of Czechoslovakia. Only those, who had special permission, could travel abroad and even then, most of these people were monitored by the secret service. Communism is strictly against capitalism hence the Communists tried to convince the public that the capitalistic countries were bad and that economically and socially communistic countries were better off than most of the western capitalistic world. Thus they couldn't let people travel abroad, because it would be clear right away that they were knowingly deceiving them. People had also a hard time when they went to shop. There were no products from capitalistic countries and everywhere the selection was very poor. Things as clothes, modern technology or even meat were scarce products. This

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