Life Changing Experience : A Life Changing Experience In My Community

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Once I had did this test got the call I had started to feel noticed. About my smartness that nobody knew about. This was a life changing moment for me and one I start my community I can tell then my life changing story. Then they can share it with others and they can tell me after the start to feel noticed on what had changed there life. As I had went to this place that lets you do communities in your area and they help spread the word for you. They told me I had to pay for a place that was out of my range. So I had to think of a place. I know I can have the meeting at the park. So not only is there enough space there is fresh air and it’s in an open environment. But I will need to pay to rent some of the park which means I have to save up my money from work to pay for this. It it will probably take me a while. That same day I had called cooper and he had told me that he would help me pay for club and he would make a small donation. But the problem is that I need to start passing out flyers that talks about the club. Once I had got all the flyers made they were green with Big black bold letters. As a week went by there were only two people that called to join the club. But I needed more people to join the club. That moment I knew that the club was going to be a fail.
“Hey Mason how is your club goin ?” said Cooper
“Well It isn’t going so good only two people had called about it. How is your club going?” I said angrily.
“Well mine is actually going okay not as good as I

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