Essay on Life Experiences Guide My Mission

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“Life isn’t about finding yourself, Life is about creating yourself,” – George Bernard Shaw
My goal in life is to be a great friend and wife to my fiancé. An exceptional and admirable mother that teaches her children not just right and wrong, but how to be healthy, happy, successful, responsible adults who can do the same for their families. I don’t want to lose sight of who I am and the person I am meant to be in the process. All the while, enjoying every bit of life and making every moment count.
My Guide Life experiences are what guide me in accomplishing my mission. Through the people I meet and the places I travel I witness different cultures and values. This in turn ignites a spark of desire inside of me to understand why people …show more content…

Family Members: My extended family is a unique blend of beautiful characters held together by the word “family”. They are spirited Germans who solve everything with Spätzle and smiles, each have their own opinions, tastes, and humor. Generally, I just try to be blend in, go-with-the flow when it comes to the in-laws. As for my mother and seven siblings, I make a point to stay close to them and be supportive. They are a big part of my connection to who I am and where I came from, that is something I do not want to forget.
Employer: I will continue to build a relationship with my employer that is based on respect, trust and loyalty. I will make every attempt to not mix my personal life with work. However, I expect my employer to be conscience of my work-life balance. I also expect my employer to be ethical in its decision making and I myself will do the same. I will work hard and give my best effort and in return my employer should do the same for me.
Learning: Learning is a never-ending process. I want to continue to learn until the day I die. I find it one of, if not the, most rewarding experiences in life. I will continue to be curious. I will take on challenges in my work and personal life that will teach me new things. I will strive to continuously ask questions. I will pass on my knowledge to help people become more aware and tolerable of the unknown.
Self esteem and Security: My life had some rough beginnings. I

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