Life In The 1920's

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The nineteen twenties can be summed up as one of the most important improvements on theatre, paintings, music, building, and culture.
Many changes in the 1920s in day to day life happened. In the 1920s most of it was under President Woodrow Wilson. During this time many Americans challenged past traditions and created their own. Many people became interested in new popular culture. New traditions such as listening to the radio, and watching film brought new thrills about news, sports, and made party’s better.
The nineteen twenties was one of the most important periods of history in the United states. Many writers, painters, and other artist produced some of the best arts of that time and in the nation’s history. Many Americans wanted wanted
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Scott Fitzgerald. He wrote especially about rich Americans and their search for happiness. His books were more about Americans that rejected traditional beliefs. His most famous book “The Great Gatsby” is considered to be one of the greatest books in history.
In the nineteen twenties it also produced the greatest writer of theatre plays, Eugene O’Neill. O’Neill had dark and violent views of human nature. He used the theatrical methods, that no one else have ever used before. The way that he used them carried an emotional power never seen before in America. Some of his best known plays were “Mourning Becomes Electra,” “The Iceman Cometh,” and “A Long Day’s Journey Into Night.”
A good number of American writers produced great poetry during the nineteen twenties. The most famous was written by T. S. Elliot, and it was called “The Waste Land.” Another famous poem is by Allen Grinsberg, and it's called “Howl.” Another famous poem in the nineteen twenties is written by Sylvia Plath, and it's called “Daddy.”
A lot of changes happened to America painting during the nineteen twenties. Economic growth gave Americas enough money to buy more painting for home decorations. During this time six new Art museums opened. And slowly many Americans learned the history behind
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