Life Is A Avoidance Of Life

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Regardless how hard we try to escape the difficulties of life, life is never easy. For instance, when a parent’s expectation becomes too much for their child to handle, their child will be conflicted with these expectations and will feel like a disappointment. In the book, Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer, a young man named Chris McCandless escapes society and his family’s problems by deciding to live life on the road. McCandless came from a well-off family and had a natural talent for everything he did, but he had a bad relationship with his father due to his father being unfaithful to his mother. McCandless’s relationship with his father was the problem that drove him to live life on the road. To McCandless and Krakauer life on the road meant going into the wild, therefore life on the road can be defined as going into the wild. Although life on the road allows people to find themselves, it is nothing more than an avoidance of life’s problems. Many young people carry out activities they enjoy to discover or find themselves. Life on the road brought peace to McCandless. McCandless went on the road in his early twenties. McCandless decided, after exploring in the west of the U.S, to go on an “Alaska odyssey” where he would eventually die of starvation. One of his last acts before McCandless lost his life was taking a picture of himself, “But if he pitied himself in those last difficult hours--because he was so young, because he was alone, because his body had betrayed him and

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