Life Is An End Activity Based Solely Upon Us Through Choice, Virtue, And Character

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Joel Osteen and Aristotle explain happiness as an end activity based solely upon us through choice, virtue, and character. They do so in exploring the idea of happiness being a choice, whether it is a virtuous activity, and the content of character and if it affects the end result of happiness. Osteen and Aristotle explore ideas that concur and oppose each other, reaching some of the same points; despite living over two thousand years apart. Osteen a very well known pastor, gives a sermon on modern views of how to be happy. He makes it very clear throughout his sermon that happiness is a choice. For example he clearly says, “Happiness is a choice”. He also states, “You only allow things you want to frustrate you” here he is implying that you can allow things to frustrate you. If you can allow something to frustrate you, or be unbothered by it then it becomes a choice. Osteen also touches on the subject of your character affecting your happiness. In the video Osteen states, “Life is to short to live it negative and grumpy” so Osteen is saying that if you live your life negative and grumpy, and that is the outlook you have on life and it’s your character to be that way you wont be happy. The last big point Osteen makes is to stay focused on what you want and be happy and find the good in what you have. One of the quotes he uses for this is, “If you don 't learn to be happy where you are, you’ll never get to where you want to be”. Osteen is saying to be happy where you are
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