Life Was Lost In My Life

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Summer of 2015 is when my life took a turn for the worst. I was losing myself, and everyone I’ve ever loved. Feeling alone, empty, and just lost. At one point in my life I was happy, extremely happy. I had friends and close family. I was genuinely complete. I remember all that changing on a Tuesday afternoon after school, in 5th grade, when my mom came to pick me up ,and we went to Mcdonalds after to pick up my sister. My mother was in the front of our little Honda mini van. I was in the back, and we were parked in the parking lot of Mcdonalds. The weather was so nice, not too hot or too cold. There was also absolutely no wind in the atmosphere. We were still in the car after a good 5 minutes. Then suddenly, my mom receives a phone call. The volume on her phone is all the way up, and since it was super quiet already, I could hear everything she and the other person was saying. When she answered she was so happy, so I assumed it was my dad calling. I was wrong. Some other guy answered, and they were talking as if they were in a relationship. Shocked, I was the whole time. The call ended in a “ I love you.” My mom responded in a “same here” so i wouldn’t know. That whole day was horrible and i couldn't help it but cry. “ How could she do this too our family ?” I remember thinking all day. I was so angry at my mom. All the hatred i thought i had for her at the moment was coming out and showing so easily. My parents started fighting most the time and it usually started

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