Life on Smillmarillion Essay

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Prologue: The three Smilmarills were perfectly crafted recycling bins. They had been made by Smeanor, the best crafter of the Smelves. The Smelves were the cunning, speedy good guys. They were amazing archers that lived in Smumenor. The Smelves had fair skin, long hair and pointy ears. They were in an age of epicness, because of their amazing king, Smundriel. Smundriel was the bravest Smelf, but he was young, and rash, which would cause problems for him in the future. Anyways, the Smilmarills kept the world of Middle-Smearth working. The Smelves could recycle, so there was no garbage. The problem was that Smorgoth, Dark Lord of Garbage,and amazing military leader, desired the Smilmarills so he could finally be cleansed of his garbage …show more content…

He escaped and brought the bins to Smelkor. Smelkor rejoiced at the sight of the Smelves’ treasure and took them for his own, after he cleaved Smauron’s head off with an axe. Smorgoth took a troop of his Smorcs and went into hiding with them. That is where we begin... Chapter 1: When Smore-Face’s Face was eaten by a Smalrog: “Come on! This cannot be happening!” Smeanor shouted at the chief of the former Smilmarill guards, Smore-Face. “Alas! yet it is, and we must find a way to stop it.” “ But what are we going to do? It was Smauron who took them, and that means that he brought them to Smelkor, unless he is thinking of betraying him”, Smore-Face said woefully. “ They are lost.” “Be a man! There still is hope! I am almost certain Smauron attempted to betray his lord, but failed and was murdered! We must set out on a quest to save the Smilmarills.” “But...” “ No buts, me lad. Do not speak of this matter again! We will take it up at the next council of the Smelven Lords.” “I won’t be there!”, Smore-Face cried. “ Well, I will tell Smelrond of you in the hall of the lords. Do not be troubled!” And with that, Smeanor left Smore-Face in a dungeon, cold and all by himself. Smeanor ran up to Smelrond. “Sir, There is news to mourn because of. The Smilmarills are gone!” “What about the guards?” Smelrond wondered out loud. “Two are in captivity, along with their captain. They have been thrown in jail for not protecting the bins.” “Smundriel knows?” “Yes, Wise

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