Light And Dark Symbolism In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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Light and Dark symbolizing of “ Of Mice and Men” What does light and dark mean to you in life? In the book, “Of mice and men” by John Steinbeck; it means a lot of things. When Lennie and George arrive at the ranch they are faced with many challenges. They face many light and dark situations and people too. The setting in Of mice and men creates moods of pessimistic and defeatist, supporting the Steinbeck’s theme of the American dream. As the light shines through the dusty window, the light shows of good things coming but the dust blocking it shining all the way through, shows the challenges that may come with the good.As the author explains the cabin , George and Lennie are getting introduced to the new ranch and all the people there. In chapter 2, 2nd paragraph it says, “ At about ten O’clock in the morning the sun threw a bright dust-laden bar ….”. The quote joins the fact that the good is coming but there may be challenges along the way. The sun represents good in literature and dust in literature represents lifelessness or oldness. In chapter one, at the very begining of the book, the author is describing what lennie and George are seeing as they are walking away from their old town. It says, “ The golden foothill slopes curve up.” This piece of text shows a new begining. The light image here depicts a safe place for the men. In the beginging of chapter 4, the author is talking about crooks room, when Lennie is talking to Crook. It says, “in the stable bucks

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