Lincoln's Rule Of Hotel Creative Writing

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“Ring! Ring” The alarm bells awoke me with a jolt. I stretch, and as with each new day, I am filled with optimism. That is, until, I open the window. I hear the loud blares of the Union marching band’s trumpet, and see children parading up and down the streets, proudly waving the red, white, and blue flags synonymous with the north. I snap out of my good mood, and it is instantly replaced with frustration. I can’t stand any more days of Union festivities, and must put an end to Abraham Lincoln’s tyrannical rule. I saunter down the velvet staircase down to the dining room of the National Hotel and unhurriedly eat my cold porridge. As usual, one of the hotel workers comes to me with my mail. “Here, sir, your mail has arrived.” I sift through

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