Lincolnville Landfill

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This is problematic and should undeniably be changed, as landfills are huge pollution hazards and should unquestionably have routinely environmental assessments. Landfill proponents followed the letter of the law/regulations however they did not follow the spirit of public participation where they actively consult residents and give them the opportunity to say ‘no’. Residents did express nuance account of the siting process where the proponents used jargon to further sustain the racial and socio-economic divide of the proponents and the resident’s, proponents of the landfill were mostly white and the residents were mostly black, contributing to this divide. As mentioned by the residents the problems concerning public participation are; the …show more content…

Here the authors address an important solution; allow residents to hire their own experts from the community who are well versed in delivering the proponents message to the residents in a manner that does not exclude anyone from the process. The landfill began operating in 2006, as the proponents deemed there was not any substantive opposition to the project through official Environmental Impact Assessment (Deacon & Baxter, 2013). Deacon and Baxter in this case set out to understand the role and relation between power and participation as it relates to procedural environmental justice in order to challenge understanding of environmental justice and cease production and reproduction of environmental injustice. The residents protested as they felt they were being sacrificed for economic growth, “the landfill has become a symbol of the slow decline of the community of Lincolnville” (Race and Waste in Nova Scotia, 2006). They call this environmental racism, which is the racial discrimination in the enforcement of environmental rules and regulations, targeting minority communities for the siting of polluting industries or the exclusion of people of color from public and private boards, commissions and regulatory bodies (Race and Waste in Nova Scotia,

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