Literacy Is An Important Tool For Everyone

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Literacy is an important tool for everyone. It’s more than just learning to read or write. It is about being able to communicate with people, it is about being able to grasp the information you are reading in order to learn. The experiences that a student has when it comes to literacy is important. Each experience can either cause a student to continue to want to learn or it can cause a student to shut down and make it harder for them to learn. My own experiences with literacy made me a better student and gave me the drive to continue to learn through reading and writing. I have had several different types of experiences with literacy, some good and some bad. My earliest memories about literacy all center around the dining room table at home. My own mother, after working all day, would come in and work with me for hours. She worked with me on my phonics, especially when even the teachers could not get me to pronounce R sounds correctly. My mother has and will always be an avid reader, so her love for reading was passed down to me and we would sit and talk about the books we had read. Throughout elementary school, I came across several teachers who would teach the subject but never go beyond that. If a student was struggling, it was up the parents to do something about it. Up until high school, most of my teachers believed in teaching one way. Some would teach through just hands on or visually, others would teach just by lecturing. The teachers who taught hands on I did

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