Literary Analysis Essay - Alistair MacLeod's short story, 'To Everything There Is a Season'

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As human beings, we are changing each and every moment as we are introduced to new ideas, values and challenges by our surroundings. In Alistair MacLeod 's short story, "To Everything There Is a Season", the author depicts the anxieties and reservations of the narrator 's transition between childhood and the adult world. This story also allows the reader to understand the importance of change in one 's life. The story is set on Christmas Day and the weeks preceding, when the whole family was awaiting for the eldest brother 's arrival. By seeing through the author 's eyes, we can understand the turmoil and conflict as he feels he is trapped in between two sides; childhood and adolescence. Reluctance of changing, "Santa Claus",

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The scene before this metaphor describes the author 's realization of his forever departure from his childhood world as his presents are no longer from "Santa Claus", unlike his younger brothers. Christmas is a holiday filled with joy and laughter, however for the author, this Christmas meant the mark of his entrance in the adult world. As he said on page 344, paragraph 4, " much surprised as touched by a pang

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