Literary Analysis Of 'Those Winter Sundays' By Robert Hayden

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The poem Those Winter Sundays by Robert Hayden is summarized by the first line where the speaker remembers how on “Sundays too my father got up early” (Hayden, 1). Although this first line is simple, it is vital to the main point the speaker is trying to present in the poem. The speaker is an adult looking back on his childhood and the relationship he had with his father. The speaker describes his father as a man who worked hard to provide for his family under any conditions. However, the tone of the relationship between the son and the father itself seemed cold and fractured. When analyzing the relationship between the son and father we see that the author is clearly represented by the speaker. In the poem, the speaker remembers how he was ungrateful for his father and all the work he did for the family. He regrets not treating his father more kindly, setting the tone of the poem. Therefore looking at the speaker’s relationship with his father and through the speaker’s tone, we see that love does not always appear the way we think it should.

The speaker’s relationship with his father when he was a child can be described as cold and distant. Throughout the poem it is shown that the father works hard to provide for the family when the speaker states that his father’s hands “ached from the labor in the weekday weather” (Hayden, 3-4) but even though the father worked hard “no one ever thanked him” (Hayden, 5) which shows the son’s lack of gratitude towards his father. The

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