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Literary Analysis of Movie How does it feel starting over in a completely new place? In the movie “The Karate Kid”, Daniel, the main character, and his mom moved to the California from New Jersey because of his mom’s new job offer. Daniel started going to school in California and met a girl named Ali, whom he started to like. He started going out with her. Daniel was getting beat up by some bullies; one of them was Ali’s ex-boyfriend. They knew karate very well, but Daniel did not. So Daniel decided to learn karate. Daniel and his mom were living in an apartment and one day he discovers that the handyman at his apartment, Mr.Miyagi, knows karate very well. He asked Mr.Miyagi to teach him karate, and Mr.Miyagi became his karate teacher. …show more content…
Good teachers can make their students’ future better because students follow what their teachers say. On the contrary, bad teachers have the power to make their students’ future horrible because then the student will follow what the bad teachers say. Do you believe that moving to California can change the person they are? In the movie, when Daniel moved to the California, he felt lonely. He did not have any friends; he was frustrated and started begging his mom to go back home when the bullies made his life hell. After meeting Mr. Miyagi and his new friend Ali, who became his girlfriend, he started learning the lessons of life and started liking the new place. In the beginning, Daniel believed that karate was all about fighting, but after meeting Mr.Miyagi, he learned that karate is all about balance, which is important in a person’s life. When he got injured on his left leg during the final round in the karate championship tournament, he decided to play the final point by balancing himself on one leg, knocking down his opponent, and achieving victory. Overall, good friends and teachers have significant influences over a teenager’s life. Life’s hard for people who migrate to a country. Did you ever think about immigrants who come from another country? First of all, I identify with this movie because Daniel moves from New Jersey to California. I moved from India to

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