Literary Devices In Persepolis

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Persepolis is an autobiography by Marjane Satrapi that pushes the reader to visualize Marjane’s life from childhood to growing and becoming an adult. This story takes place in Iran and it’s during the Islamic Revolution. The name Persepolis itself comes from the capital of an ancient Persian empire. The most prominent motifs for this novel is smoking, and the major reason for it is repetition, Marji spontaneously changes her lifestyle, habits, and attitude after she begins smoking, and that holds hands with another major motif which is coming of age. This writing will prove to you how Marji’s start of smoking and coming of age will bring changes to her lifestyle, attitude, and habits. To begin with, Marji’s lifestyle changed as she grew up in various unique ways. For example, when she …show more content…

The main purpose for Satrapi to write this book was to transform the reader into Marji, that is what makes Persepolis so touching and encouraging. The drawing’s make the reader infer about the next stage into Marji’s life, every single illustration represents some form of feeling, or emotion. Satrapi uses various different literary devices in Persepolis such as strong use of diction, creative imagery, uncountable smiles, a lot of foreshadowing, and very strong personification with specific examples. Satrapi’s writing is very straightforward and uncomplicated, this is because it is an autobiography and if it gets confusing, people can make inaccurate predictions and these rumors might spread like fire. Also, Persepolis does have a cliffhanger ending, because it doesn’t thoroughly explain what happened after she went to Paris and how she eventually became an author and wrote this book and what difficulties and tough stages of life did she go through before she wrote this

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