Literary Devices In The Treasure Of Lemon Brown

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The general topic and theme that is emerging from the passage “The Treasure of Lemon Brown” is everybody has a valuable aspect in their life that brings meaning into it. Walter Dean Myers short story “The Treasure of Lemon Brown” takes place in Harlem, New York in the late nineteen hundreds. Greg a thirteen year old boy is walking home awaiting his endless punishment from his father.¨The dark sky filled with swirling clouds, reflected Greg Ridley's mood as he sat on the stoop of his building.” Lemon Brown the jazz player with the treasure. The thugs go after him for it. Greg knows him as the man in rags who gets his clothes from the salvation army. What kind of treasure could he have but Lemon Brown shows Greg that everybody has a treasure it just sometimes takes a little while to find it. The lesson is emphasized throughout the story by three literary devices metaphor, hyperbole and descriptive words. Throughout the passage “The Treasure of Lemon Brown”there are many literary devices in the story the first one being a metaphor. After Greg's endless argument with his father about his poor grades he pretty much has come to the conclusion that basketball is finished he just can’t believe it and it had only been two nights ago but,”his father's words are like the distant thunder that now echoed through the streets of Harlem, still rumbled softly in his ears.” This scene, in paragraph five on page six, is significant because it objects Greg’s fear he felt because of his

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