Literary Elements In The Yellow Wallpaper

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An Analysis Of Literary Elements In The Yellow Wall Paper. Introduction. First published in 1982, The yellow wallpaper is an engaging narrative , written in first person in which the narrator suffers from some type of nervous disorder . Her husband who prefers to refer to her condition as a temporary nervous depression or a slight hysterical tendency recommends that the narrator seeks solitude so as to recuperate . The short story mimics the form of secret and private entries on journals by the author. The haunting short story chronicles that descent of the narrator and protagonist into maddened and paranormal activities. Some people however interpret it as her chronicles to freedom .The author effectively employs the use of literary…show more content…
The author shows how much the character needs freedom that the husband prevents her from getting it. This creates the complication and the plot of the story. She goes ahead to enhance it using strong characters and a vivid setting ( the house containing the yellow wall paper) which helps in maintaining the attention of the readers and also attracting more readers. In developing the plot, the author sends a significant amount of time on details and remains focused on it by ensuring that each entry in the journal made by the narrator has a meaning and adds to the overall progress of the story. Conclusion. Charlotte Perkis in the short story The Yellow Wallpaper makes use of different literary elements including characters, plot and themes to tell a tale of a woman that is not only suffering from a mental disorder but is trapped in her marriage to a doctor named John . The story written in the format of a journal and using the first person narrative addresses the themes of the oppression of women ,male dominance in patriarchal societies and freedom as the narrator liberates herself in the end. The three literary elements enhance the development of the story and maintain the attention of the
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