Literary Elements Of Literary Analysis Of A Short Story

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Literary Analysis Collection 1
Short stories have many different literary elements and, you can compare all of them. All stories have something in common and something different about them, that make them unique. The short stories, Contents of a Deadman’s Pocket, The Leap, and The Trip all have elements of literature in them. The elements that are the most important are theme, characters, setting and conflict. One of the similarities between The Leap and The Trip is theme. Both stories have a theme of, sometimes taking risks can lead to a much better life. In The Leap Anna marries a new man after her first husband died in a tragic accident, which is a big risk. In the story, the narrator describes her mother’s ex-husband dying as “When her hands did not meet her husbands, my mother tore her blindfold away.” Anna ends up getting a daughter that she loves very much and realizes the risk of marrying someone new was a great thing, and it paid off. In The Trip, Murad takes a dangerous boat from Morocco to Spain to find a new job illegally. On page forty-nine Murad describes the experience as “The six-meter Zodiac inflatable is meant to accommodate eight people, thirty huddle in it now, men, women and children all with the anxious look…” Murad does not make it but, when he tries again he is determined to make his life right for his family, because he know it will change his family’s life forever. Murad knows that this big risk he is taking will eventually be the best decision he

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