What Is The Danger Of A Single Story

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Throughout a person's life they are bound to do one of the following; be apart of a single story, struggle with their identity or stereotype someone or something. Literature reflects this experience people have with their identity. The "single story" is something that affects everyone, consistently and can be seen throughout literature; everything and everyone has a single story. In "The Danger of a Single Story," Adichie talks about its impact; this is also explored in Supaman's lyrics, and "Hope Against Hope" by Sherman Alexie. In Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's TedTalk she discusses the impact of the "single story." Adichie talks about a single story and says how it can make someone think something that is not true. She talks about an …show more content…

If people went off of what they only knew and not of what they could learn and or see the world would be very different. People like to think they know everything that goes on in the world but they sometimes don't. Throughout her Ted Talk Adichie lists many dangers of a single story, There are so many to where sometimes people don't know it could be a danger of a single story. Throughout Supaman’s lyrics you can see some single story signs about living on a reservation. Supaman raps to tell the story about the Rez and what it’s like to be living on it. He tells the story that people would never see. Supamam raps “Why the suicide rates the rez so high? Why? I tell you the truth, but you see only lies.” (Supaman why). Supaman is talking about how people in that don't live in the Rez don't understand the struggle. The first thing many people think about when they hear about a Indian reservation is people that believe in crazy things, but that's not always what happened in/on reservations. On most reservations it's just like how we live, a big community. They make food, go to school, and have chores. Supaman has written many raps about living on a reservation, this is another one. There are many struggles about living on the Rez as you read in his rap Why. This rap is about praying for people on the Rez. “Pray that you come back home, I pray that you understand that you're never alone” (Prayer Loop). Living on a Rez is hard because if someone leaves

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