Literary Fiction Analysis

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In the world of literature, fiction is often used to portray an entertaining story of a story they have a greater meaning to itself. There are two types of fiction Each of these stories falls on, which are commercial fiction, use to entertain us, as it tends to contain a setting that is easy to understand and a plot that is very distinct. This type of fiction is merely for enjoyment and doesn't have any deeper meaning to the story. In contrast with literary fiction where the stories is more character driven as we focus more on their minds and emotions, it contains a plot that usually underlines a social or cultural thread that impacts the story, however, is less obvious. When the audience reads these type of stories a first read isn't …show more content…

Another aspect that shows its commercial fiction is the details of the protagonist which is Rainford who we find our has a vast experience on hunting “I've read your book about the hunting snow leopards in Tibet, you see”(pg 72) as well once he was being hunted by Zaroff he had used tactics to kill him “... native trick he had learned in Uganda.” which gave Rainsford an advantage toward his opponent when it comes to hunting. The story is seen as commercial fiction because it is a book that is ment to grab our attention and entertain the reader.

The only literary fiction out of the three stories is “Hunters in the Snow” by Tobias Wolff’s which follows three men Tubs, Kenny, and Francis who decide to go hunting in the winter. The plot of the story isn't as obvious compared to commercial fiction, we are put in the thought that these three men are going to hunt for deer, but in reality, they are men lost trying to find a solution towards their problem. Kenny can be seen as someone who wants to be feared and wants power as we see when they go and pick up Tubs “The truck jumped the curb and kept coming, half on the street and half on the sidewalk”(pg 86) which was heading straight towards him, until Tubs moved out of the way. As

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