Literary Imagery In Truman Capote's In Cold Blood

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Truman Capote was a literary genius and had quite the way with words. His book In Cold Blood was a true work of literary art that he created with various rhetorical strategies and the truthful stories told by Garden City’s people and the two murderers of The Clutter Family ,Dick Hickock and Perry Smith. Capote’s use of imagery, tone, and syntax when describing Perry the murderer of the Clutters is undeniably ingenious and brings out a more fiction feel to the story. In this essay I will provide you with a means to see Perry smith as I do and as I believe Truman Capote did. As you read this book you can really imagine what is happening and how everyone looks because of Truman Capote’s use of imagery. He clearly and without fail paints you…show more content…
I would also like to compliment Capote’s use of tone in his book In Cold Blood because it was such a masterpiece of different rhetorical strategies and his use of tone seems very prominent to me. Especially the tone he uses for Perry Smith. The way he conveys Perry confuses me and really makes me question what Perry actually felt if he did indeed feel. Perry was smart but comes off very psychopathic and Capote conveys it with such an artistic style that it really elucidated who Perry appears to be. You can see Perry’s psychopathic tendencies in such areas as (386) “Perry Smith, who had shot and killed the whole family. He said he’d lied about it because, in his words, ‘I wanted to fix Dick for being such a coward. Dropping his guts all over the goddam floor.’ And the reason he’d decided to set the record straight wasn’t that he suddenly felt any kinder toward Hickock. According to him he was doing it out of consideration for Hickock’s parents—said he was sorry for Dick’s mother. Said, ‘She’s a real sweet person. It might be some comfort to her to know Dick never pulled the trigger.” As you can see he appears to be uncompassionate until you read
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