Literary Structure Of Catch 22

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Today, novels are usually undervalued, they aren’t recognized for their true purpose and goal that authors vigorously carve into them. Joseph Heller’s Catch 22 is a novel with great purpose that reticently discusses social, historical, and cultural value in the American Army. Following the character John Yossarian. Heller exposes the social values that several individuals had in the American Army and historically reminds us of the tragedy that put America in during the 1940’s time period. Catch 22 is a prime example of a novel that is simply undervalued and only admired for its style and creative structure, which non. Getheless is important, but there are more aspects to the beautifully written novel than its structure. Catch 22, was written in the time of the 1940’s, a time of war and nationalism in American society. American society was weaved together by working citizens and their desire to aid the country in any possible way, in order to protect it. In addition, citizens also believed the troops were doing what was in America’s best interest, however in the novel, the troops were doing everything in their best interest to survive. Heller uses the bombers squadron to explain the feelings and emotions the army had and its usefulness to the world. The sense of American is spread all over the book, yet inside the military, soldiers are afraid and don’t want to fight against the enemies. It's quite ironic in the sense that many Americans believe that the “boys at war”

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