Literary Theories In Literature

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Now that the semester is coming to an end and we have gone through five different theories, I have to say that each one is important for college students to learn. Literary theories are a great tool to because without them most students will not be able to fully analyze or even dissect the college level reading they have to do for class. Reason why, is because each one of the five theories plays a role in your everyday reading. It is also important because any book that you read is going to have some sort of theory in it and without them you will be lost. When looking at Gender/Feminist theory, many people often associate this theory to be connected to liberals. Though it does however explain the social roles, feminist politics and etc. it is more about how women are portrayed, always lower than men for no apparent reason. The theory helps us understand what a lady is going through in that specific story. An example is in “Shiloh” when Norma Jean is portrayed as this woman who is supposed to tend to every need of her husband Leroy. But when reading the story you hear Norma Jean tell Leroy “In some ways, a woman prefers a man who wanders” (Manson). Thus letting the readers know that she is a strong and independent and is capable of doing things on her own. In the Tyson handouts it says that “woman who successfully juggles a career and a family, which means she looks great at the office and over the breakfast table, and she’s never too tired after work to fix dinner,

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