Literature : A Way Of A Person 's Mind Essay

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Literature has a way of painting a picture in a person 's mind. An author will use a unique combination of words and storytelling to create another world for the reader to envision. Often times, these stories are nothing more than the creativity of the author to make something unique that will draw a person in. These stories are usually based on very few real world occurrences, people and places. However, if we look deeper into these stories, we can see a point of view into the world the authors lived in. Authors have learned how to write fictional stories that engage people, while unknown to the reader, the story is giving them an in depth glimpse into the political realm of the author’s life. No other important concept has been used in literature more than various forms of discrimination. We can look at many stories and while it may not be shown right out, in many pieces of literature we can see an undertone of discrimination. Two of the most common examples of discrimination are racism and sexism. While reading different stories, I tried to look into them on a deeper level and see the “between the lines” concepts that the author wanted us to see. I believe that many authors want us to look deeper than the surface storytelling techniques to capture the true essence of the story. Various forms of discrimination throughout history have been a literary staple in many different fictional works. The definition of discriminate as defined by Webster

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