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Coleman Literature Review 1

Literature Review
Convicted Felons: Should they be allowed to vote?
Writing II
Professor: Melissa Piumelli

Coleman Literature Review 2
The term disenfranchisement or taking away a criminals right to vote, has been around since ancient Greece and Rome Eras. In Europe, a condition called “civil death” involves the forfeiture of property, the loss of the right to appear in court and a prohibition on entering into contracts, as well as loss of voting rights. Convicted felons of …show more content…

Some felons even after release suffered from the aftermath resulting from a previous arrest because they are not sure what rights they do hold after an imprisonment, such as Eric Willem from Roseau County, Minnesota. Eric Stephen Willem’s, who was 25 at the time and had been a convicted felon since the year of 2004. Unfortunately, for Willem’s who was voting for the fourth time, it was an additional felony to be voting, according to Roseau County Attorney’s Office. This sent Willem back to the place where he did not want to be, jail, for an additional year. Back in 2005, this problem was at the top of the agenda for H. Clinton and J. Kerry who were trying to boost votes for the Democrats. After election defeat in 2005, Democrats mend their ways by emphasizing moral values. Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton and John Kerry introduce the Count Every Vote Act, which she claims is “critical to restoring America’s faith in our voting system.” Also to be added to the Act, a provision to ensure that voting

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