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Question 2
Chihiro is described as brave, responsible young girl who learned to avoid her fears to help those that she cared. She protected her friends and family from a spell which turned them into pigs due to their greediness. She turned down her former personality and became a brave and reliable girl. On the other hand, Little Red Cap is a caring, happy and innocent kid. When she found the wolf dressed in her grandmother’s clothes, she was concerned, and when straight to the bed and started asking questions, she gets being lovable, and she runs to her family since the huntsman stops to check in on the grandmother.
The tales help us understand that before knowing anything we must involve the body and the soul to do all things in themselves, …show more content…

But there is no nature humanity to feed on flesh; we first demonstrate the figure and the size of the body. Human beings do not resemble those who were born for greediness; it has no roughness of teeth, nor the heat of digestion which can convert such heavy flesh. The smooth tongue and lateness of the digestive system to digest makes nature to deny all invention to fleshy victual. In the tale, the queen wanted to kill snow white and eat her inner parts because of jealous, but it was not possible to consume the …show more content…

The kitchen is the center of attention and the meeting place in the house where people come together and share ideas. Manners are taught in the table where girls are referred as women and boys refer as men. The poem describes many fights, births and death shared in the table; this describes how people come together to the kitchen table to celebrate. In the poem “Dinner Guest: Me,” the kitchen table is also seen as a place where people come together to solve problems. The white-guest shared the meal in the table and shared ideas about how to solve the problem he was facing. In the poem,” I too” also describes a kitchen table as a place where the family comes together, eat well and grow strong. In the poem, the darker brother refuses to eat in the kitchen when others are on the

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