Little Red Riding Hood . The Importance Of Woman’S Right

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Little Red Riding Hood
The importance of woman’s right and gender equality are emphasized throughout the world, especially during the last decade. Unfortunately in many parts of the world sexual harassment of women is still on the rise and needs to be addressed. The fairy tale “Little Red Riding Hood” has many versions, while most of them are meant for children and have a happy ending, Charles Perrault, version discuss how women should not trust strangers regardless of how compassionate they may seem. He also goes on to show how men target innocent, pretty and impressionable women. While in todays time we know that it’s not the victim’s fault however Perrault argues that it can be the victims fault if they are as naïve and gullible as …show more content…

When little red riding first encounters a wolf she is not afraid or startled, but acts like it’s perfectly normal to have a conversation with a wolf. She goes on to give the wolf all the information as to where she is going and why. Furthermore, she goes on to take instructions from the wolf and take the long path to the house. However, none of the actions done by the wolf come as a surprise or make little red riding hood question what’s going on. Perrault uses the word “poor” in the phrase “The poor child, who did not know that it was dangerous to stop and listen to wolves, said: "I 'm going to see my grandmother…”(12) to emphasize the vulnerability of the girl. The word “poor” in this context is not applied financially by rather to make us the reader feel bad for the lack of common sense and knowledge she has. This shows that it is women who are extremely gullible and trustworthy are targeted the most. Perrault goes on to describe Little Red Riding Hoods actions after this conversation, he says “he little girl continued on her way along the long path. She had a good time gathering nuts, chasing butterflies, and picking bunches of flowers that she found”(12). The words “chasing butterflies” and “picking bunches of flowers” go on to describe Little Red Riding Hood as such an innocent and gullible girl that even though she just found out that a wolf would also visit her sick grandmother she doesn’t have a care in the world

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