Live a Dream to Face Reality in Raisin in the Sun Essay

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Living a dream is only a way out of facing reality. Both Raisin in the sun and I have a dream speech relate more than just the words written on the page, But a deeper connection laying further than the eyes can see. Both are remarkable works of literature. They are similar because both works bring up the topic of racial injustice, the american dream and equality.They no longer want to be the words nobody cared to listen to, or simply the dried out raisin in the sun. My first point, In the I have a Dream Speech that doctor Martin Luther King Jr. presented he brought up the topic of racial injustice. “ One hundred years later, the life of the negro is still sadly crippled by the manacles of segregation(King,1). The younger …show more content…

Just like walter did. Both of them were very ambitious and that is why they can relate so much. They both want to be able to walk down the street and not turn everyone’s head, Be able to say what’s on their mind without being judged. The meaning of the American dream is far more than the words itself. That is why the novel Raisin in and the sun and the i have dream relate, The characters want to strive for better just like mlkj, and live the American dream. Last but not least, Both literary works bring up the subject of equality. Although, the raisin in the sun brings it up a little more indirectly. For example, George Murchinson, A rich black man who referred to Walter has prometheus. “ And the only people in the world who are more snobbish than rich white people are rich colored people”(1.1.264). Walter did not understand what made him more different than George other than money. Just like Martin Doctor Luther King jr. wanted to know what made the negroes different other than the color of ones skin.” When will we be satisfied?” The question mlkj asked. Probably a question that can never be answered because there can always be better. In conclusion, Both Raisin in the sun and i have a dream speech touch the readers heart. Bringing up the topics of racial injustice, american dream, and equality really gets someone to see things how they really are. Lorraine Hansberry and Doctor Martin Luther King Jr. proved the point on

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