Living A Just Life Is More Worthwhile Than Living An Unjust Life

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Aya Abunada
September 22, 2015
University of South Florida
Essay #1
In this paper, I am going to argue that living a just life is more worthwhile than living an unjust life. I will do this with evidence provided from the text. The argument in question is why (given the advantages of living an unjust life) would anyone want to live a just life. This very question was a major debate that carried on during most of the text of The Republic of Plato. Throughout the text we see Socrates, Thrasymachus, Adeimantus and Glaucon take on this challenge. They thoroughly go through what they feel is just, and unjust. They also outline the benefits of living both types of ways. They take the various ideals discussed and pick them apart in every which way possible. There is no point of view that is brushed under the rug. After seeing the stance of several of the characters in this book, I see myself siding with Socrates on many levels. This challenge is taken on heavily and incorporated in many of the other concepts discussed within Socrates’ circle.
When the argument is first discussed, Thrasymachus states that he feels as though living an unjust life is better because it “pays more” and that “a just man has the worst of it.” (25) He compares it to a business partnership. He says that the more honest of the two business partners never has the greater share, and always ends up paying more taxes (even if he has the same amount of property as the dishonest man.) I found this to be an

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