Long Prison Sentence

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Many people commit crimes due to their pasts and home life. For example, a young adult with a troubled life by the name of Trevor. Trevor has had many run-ins with the police in his small British Columbia town and the other citizens were convinced that he would go to jail at one point because of this. Soon enough, Trevor was caught smashing the window of a camera store. He was planning to steal and then sell the cameras in the big city. Now, had Trevor been a teenager and not an adult, things may have gone differently. The arrest, the sentencing, and what happens afterwards would differ between the ages. During the time when someone is caught, it can go two ways depending on the age. But in both cases, he would be taken into custody and have a chance to tell the police what he was doing and why, with a lawyer if he wanted. But before that, Trevor would have his rights read to him. As Trevor is an adult, he would have to submit his fingerprints and …show more content…

They will be charged with destruction of property and have a criminal record. As the offence Trevor committed is not very serious, he would not receive a long prison sentence. The usual consequences are several days to several years in a correctional facility and restitution.That is what happens to an adult. A youth is given somewhat of a choice. They can complete an extrajudicial measure, whichis a less formal response to crime. If Trevor was a youth, he would be able complete some sort of extrajudicial measure without having a criminal record. An example of one would be a referral to a community program that is designed to help prevent the youth from committing more offences. Another would be extrajudicial sanctions where Trevor would meet with the victim, who in this case would be the store owner, and give compensation. They could also complete a certain amount of volunteer work. If these are not completed, then teenage Trevor would go to

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