Looking For Alaska

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Looking For Alaska is a brilliant, award-winning novel written by John Green, taking its readers on the captivating journey of Miles Halter, a new student at Culver Creek Preparatory School in his search of “The Great Perhaps”. Miles, the teenage protagonist is introduced to new people, experiences, and concepts. Following meeting the Colonel, Takumi Hikohito, and the mysteriously beautiful Alaska Young, scrawny Miles receives the ironic nickname of “Pudge”. Being taken under their wing, they introduce him to an unfamiliar world of smoking, drinking, and the rivalry and shenanigans among the campus, building a strong bond that Miles begins to treasure. This novel however, is surrounded by the internal conflicts of the characters. The antagonist …show more content…

She’s one beyond her good looks, being deeply intriguing as her emotions frequently overtake her for reasons often left unknown. Her friends, the people who truly cared about her too were left in mystery as the Colonel complains, “I was so tired of her getting upset for no reason. The way she would get sulky (...) then never said what was wrong, never have a goddamned reason to be sad.” (Green 149) Likewise, there are moments where my eyes are tender from weeping tears not worth being wasted on. It is inevitable nonetheless, that the built up stress from school, work, family, friendships, and relationships will collect and release itself. I view my problems to be mediocre. Everybody is constantly coping with issues of their own. For this reason, I do not often find the need to burden my friends and family, keeping these problems to myself, despite my understanding that this is not an effective method to deal with these internal conflicts. Perhaps this is the way Alaska feels when posed with questions towards her negativity. Everybody learns to cope with personal suffering in different ways, to release the weight placed on our shoulders, be it with the support of others or independently. Whilst some methods evidently are better than others, it is an act that is inexcusable. One cannot escape the labyrinth of …show more content…

We struggle in the search of finding ourselves. However, what we seem to often forget is that life goes on. The issues we are currently facing will fade and as we reflect, may not have been a huge deal to begin with. Living in a world where the average lifespan is 80 years old, that failed test, that breakup, or the opinions of those obnoxious girls will soon be irrelevant. The suffering will pass. Sometimes, we need to remember to simply take a step back and look at the bigger picture. One will never benefit from getting upset over an outcome that cannot be changed or holding a grudge against an individual who has already let it pass. We can be bigger than a person and a situation itself. Thus, the most we can do is use this experience as a learning opportunity. By taking the situation, assuming all the possibilities, and taking a calculated risk, it becomes easy to prevent a “next-time”. Throughout the novel we learn about the importance of making our own choices, be it right or wrong, determining our own fate, and living with the

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