Looking for Alaska by John Green

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In the novel Looking For Alaska the character Alaska Young is killed in a car crash. During the section of the book that takes place after she dies, two of her best friends, the Colonel and Pudge, attempt to figure out if the crash was an accident or something purposeful. At the conclusion of the story, Pudge and the Colonel decide that there is no way to tell if her death was voluntary or unintentional and that they had "had enough of chasing after a ghost who did not want to be discovered"(212). However, I believe that that there was a way to discover her true intentions, and that her self-destruction was all too willful. To understand the reasoning behind Alaska's death one must first understand the circumstances behind it. Alaska Young died in the early morning of January 11th. Just before this she left the campus of Culver Creek, the school that the book is set at, while Pudge and the Colonel distracted the dean of students. During all of this Alaska is hysterical, distraught and drunk. She died after she drove her car at full force into a police car, the steering wheel crushing her chest. She was driving to her mother's grave, as she had just recalled that the day before was the anniversary of her death and that she forgot to bring flowers to her grave. When Pudge and the Colonel had finally gathered all of this information they deduced that she died in one of two ways: either she believed that she could fit past the cop car in her frantic hurry to get to her mother's

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