Lord Of The Flies Character Analysis

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In the novel Lord of the Flies, written by William Golding, a group of young boys get trapped on an unknown island due to a plane crash. While reading this novel one might come to realize “people were never quite what you thought they were,” (Golding 54). For example, Simon seems like any other preteen British kid. Jack also appears to be a regular kid. Piggy, too, is at first characterized as a total weakness. In the article “The Stanford Prison Experiment”, prisoners and guards also think they are kind and good, but soon realize they’re the complete opposite. One of the boys, Simon, seems to be just a regular preteen British kid. However, he turns out to be crazy. At one point in the story the kids are afraid of a beastie that wanders around at night. It turns out that it’s just this crazy kid Simon, “‘How could anyone be wandering in the forest at night?’... Simon stood up,” (Golding 85). What child would just casually get up at night and wander around if they weren’t a lunatic? Later in the novel Simon is once again proven to be crazy because he talks to a pig’s head, “Simon found he was looking into a vast mouth. There was a blackness that spread… Simon was inside the mouth,” (Golding 144). Simon is clearly insane. Why is he talking to a pig’s head and hallucinating? Only because he’s demented. As shown earlier, people aren’t always who they seem to be.
Jack, another one of the boys in the novel Lord of the Flies, also appears to be a regular young boy. He turns out

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