Lord Of The Flies Character Analysis

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After a group of boys are marooned on an island, they realize they are along and responsible for their own lives. With this in mind, some of the boys fall into leadership roles and some become followers. Consequently, civilization and savagery combat one another throughout the story. The three main characters, Ralph, Jack and Piggy are an example of how this interaction affected the group. Goldling’s portrayals of the main characters among the group of boys contributes to the allegorical quality of Lord of the Flies, as several of the boys stand for larger concepts. Ralph stands for leadership and civilization throughout the story from the beginning until the rescue. In this case, civilization was depicted when Ralph began to organize the group. Of course when Jack and his group of choir boys came on the scene, they had to choose a leader . Ralph believed in rules, therefore, he felt that rules were the only means of staying civilized. So by blowing a conch, he called assemblies and suggested shelters and told Piggy to take down names. Also, Ralph led Jack and Simon on an expedition to see if they were actually on an island which would determine how quickly they would be rescued. There was a unanimous vote for Ralph to be chief. The boys all shouted “Ralph! Ralph!” “ Let him be chief with the trumpet thing” (Golding) . Ralph also showed leadership qualities by making sure that they built a signal fire at the highest point on the island and made sure that the group
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