Lord Of The Flies Identity Character Analysis

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Change. Everybody changes drastically at some point in their life. Some may even change daily, little bits at a time. Maybe they grew an inch, maybe they ate half a sandwich instead of a whole, maybe they learned a new curse word. Who knows? Someone may even lose a part of themselves in the changing process. In the iconic novel, Lord of the Flies, the characters are challenged and they change and find that they are losing their identity. People can also lose their identity by losing their innocence. The innocence a child has, that has people going ‘aw’ eventually goes away, and with it, a large part of a child’s identity can disappear. This childlike innocence appears in Lord of the Flies and in this book, the characters lose this innocence, therefore they lose a component of their identity. Ralph is one of the main characters in Lord of the Flies and throughout this book, he slowly loses his identity. “The fair boy said [there are no grownups] solemnly; but then the delight of a realized ambition overcame him” (Golding 8). This portrays Ralph’s innocence and an element of his identity. Clearly, at the beginning of Lord of the Flies Ralph has a childlike innocence in him, for he rejoices in the fact there are no adults on the island. Later, Ralph shows his innocence by his lack of knowledge on curse words. “Ralph reached inside himself for the worst word he knew. ‘They let the bloody fire go out’” (Golding 68). However, Ralph slowly begins to lose his innocence and

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