Lord Of The Flies Jack Is A Leader Analysis

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A good leader is one who knows how to lead with control and has strong leader characteristics. In the novel Lord of the Flies by William Golding, some readers support the fact that Jack was a better leader than Ralph, but others feel that Ralph was the better leader. Although many supporters feel that Ralph is the best leader, it is evident that Jack is the better leader because he can effortlessly control the group on the island. It is clear that Jack is a better leader than Ralph because he is more of a demanding, manipulative person. From the time the boys landed on the island, Jack was in control of the choir. “The other boys, led by Jack, run off in disorganized excitement to light the signal fire”(Reilly, 3). This quote shows…show more content…
This quote illustrates that the boys respect and listen to Ralph, and the possession of the conch cements the idea of Ralph keeping the boys sane. Later on, Ralph becomes extremely emotional when the boys were rescued. “Ralph, weeping for the end of innocence and the darkness of man’s heart, is weeping for all men, the officer and his crew included” (Reilly, 10). This quote supports the fact that numerous contradicting emotions go through his head, once the group is rescued. To clarify, Jack is a better leader than Ralph, but some people can argue that this is not a true statement. Even though many supporters suggest that Ralph is a great leader, it is obvious that Jack is the best leader on the island. Since the boys set foot on the island, Jack was honest, and he never hesitated to express his feelings. “Human nature cannot be so irremediably bad if the arrival of one adult can immediately put everything to rights” (Reilly,10). This quote explains that when Jack was introduced on the island he was a great leader, and this made the boys realize they each have individual responsibilities in order to contribute to the group. While being honest, Jack demanded the group to do what he wanted, and the boys would obey him. “Jack at first demands to be called as at school, Merridew, the surname his mark of superior age and authority”(Oldsey 4). This quote illustrates that Jack immediately separated himself from the other boys on the island.
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