Lord Of The Flies Literary Analysis

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In Lord of the Flies there are many themes like civilization versus savagery and loss of innocence that throughout the novel are perceived through foreshadowing and irony. Most of the boys were lead to savagery at the cost of their innocence, but those who were still civilized had to fight against the savages. The boys struggled between being civilized and caving into savagery. Many boys followed after Jack but when the boys were put to vote they still had chosen Ralph as their leader. Not only did Jack lead the boys to savagery, he lead them to lose their innocence as children. The boys killed, and tortured both animals and their peers. Ralph wanted to be rescued from the island as quick as possible. Jack wanted power, he almost had power when he tried to kill Ralph but he ended up saving everybody on the island. Throughout the novel, the author established that two of the themes were power is the one thing both people from civilization and savagery wanted and being with the wrong group of people can lead to a huge influence to make bad decision.
Power, civilization, and savagery played a huge part in the Lord of the Flies, two ways it is conveyed is through foreshadowing and irony. Ralph stood for civilization and Jack stood for savagery. Ralph kept his priorities as keeping the fire going, while Jack wanted to be out hunting for food and to able to survive in the forest. For example, the irony when the savages saved Ralph and everyone on the island. In the 12th chapter

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