Lord Of The Flies Reflection Essay

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Carson Musser Lord of the Flies

During the second World War, a plane crashes on an uncharted island, leaving a group of schoolboys stranded with no Adult in sight. The first few days life is perfect on the island, plentiful amounts of fruit, no grown-up to tell you what to do, they even elect a chief, Ralph, who sets rules and creates order. When a ship passes the island without noticing the boys, because no one was feeding the fire, everything starts going downhill. After, a meeting is called where Ralph explains how the fire is the most important thing because without it they will never be rescued. During the meeting, Ralph struggles with maintaining order and his authority with Jack. After multiple expeditions to find the “beast” …show more content…

But Ralph struggles to command respect from the boys and is constantly undermined and his authority challenged by Jack, who believes he should be chief. Ralph also struggles with self-doubt and not being as smart as Piggy. He also worries about his appearance which shows he is sometimes insecure. Gradually Ralph becomes confused in their new environment as most of the boys began to change in their new-found freedom from the civilized world. Because Ralph didn’t lose his responsibility as chief, his ideas on what’s the most important start to differ from the growing number of savages in the group. Ralph continued to try to command authority over the boys and keep the fire going but this only makes the boys like him less. Even Ralph couldn’t stop himself from becoming violent in their adult free world. After a hunt, they boys reenact a scene with Robert acting as the boar. Things get out of hand when the boys start jabbing Robert with their spears. Ralph succumbs to his inner animal and joins in. “Ralph too was fighting to get near, to get a handful of that brown, vulnerable flesh. The desire to squeeze and hurt was over-mastering.” (Pg. 114-115) Towards the end of the novel, Ralph has lost almost all his followers to Jack’s savage tribe except Sam and Eric and Piggy. After a failed attempt at consulting Jack, Sam and Eric are captured and Piggy is murdered by Roger, Jack’s right-hand man. Leaving Ralph alone

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