Lord Of The Flies Sadism Essay

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William Golding’s The Lord of the Flies: A Sadistic Society of Self-Destruction (and What We May Do to Fix It)

According to Golding, modern humanity has suffered from a form of self-deception based back to the dawn of the caveman age; that deception being, groundbreakingly enough, society’s failure to recognize our sadistic tendencies, wishes for personal gain, and preemptiveness to kill- qualities of which have been entrenched in the sung expressions, arts, and politics of a contemporary populace. However, it is of most hopeful and effective faith that these proclivities may be amended through sophistication and development, things that have empirically improved society by receding faults in our human behavior. The fact of …show more content…

62.) This statement issues the resistance which wields a functioning society from full-on “ferality”, otherwise identified as a tedious though triumphant method of an orderly lifestyle. Golding elaborates further by characterizing the stone as “a token of preposterous time”(Golding, pg 62), or an experience of human activity which is nearing cessation of remembrance. Though it also may suggest the damaging effects of human frivolity, as activities of no productive use (especially in children as seen in the book) may fail to maintain proper conduct through morally questionable experimentation. By identifying the meanings of these symbolic excerpts, we can calculate Golding’s message of society’s desperate need for order at all costs, and understand the circumstances which usher disorder, such as Roger’s.
As witnessed through the course of human history, it shouldn’t strike us as odd that many figures of power have treated their privilege of authority as a cherished treasure rather than a sacrificial burden. As such, Golding continues to emphasize human faults by emphasizing the impact of what amassed power can do to people. He introduces characters such as Ralph, who attempt to sustain their democratic leadership by any means, even if several hardships are found deterring. On the other hand, Jack Merridew may be considered as an inverse resemblance to Ralph, instead using the excuse of unpromising events as a reason to become gradually awry and aggressive.

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