Lord of the Flies Commentary

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Passage Commentary: Lord of the Flies, Pages 109-111 In this passage from Lord of the Flies by William Golding, the reader gets deep insight into Ralph’s mind and how the boys are adapting to life on the island. Occurring around the middle of the novel, this passage dives into the thoughts of Ralph to see what he is really feeling about being stranded. It shows how the other boys are coping, and it demonstrates the two different sides of the island; the reader now sees the dangerous, wild side representing the savagery of the boys, and the safe, light side representing their innocence. When the reader looks at the passage with an inquisitive eye, one will see that Golding’s choice in tone and content gives the passage many levels of…show more content…
The island has the light and the dark side. This is a symbol for the light and dark side of the boys on the island. The safe side is described in a happy and hopeful tone using words such as “filmy enchantments,” “mirage,” “dream of rescue,” and “irresistible.” But as the reader dives into the other side, one feels the hope drain out and the author begins to use words such as “cold,” “clipped,” “hard,” and “condemned.” The ocean is characterized as having “Shining hair,” “arm of surf,” “fingers of spray,” and “rising with a roar.” Here the reader sees how Golding personifies the ocean and one watches as the sea taunts Ralph, showing the power of nature over man. The emphasis of the dark tone used by the author adds to the feeling of the passage. The words chosen by Golding were clearly chosen thoughtfully to give the darkness meaning, layers and depth to the description. As the reader ends the passage, the dark tone continues with words such as, “painful,” “gripped,” and “stiff.” This dark description leads up to the last sentence of the passage said by Simon: “You’ll get back to where you came from.” The emphasis of the quote is clearly on the word “you” as in the later chapters the reader sees the death of Simon. Simon has insight into Ralph’s thoughts here. The reader can see, with a close read, that Simon has insight into what Ralph is thinking without Ralph even speaking aloud. Here,
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