Lord of the Flies Literary Analysis

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Lord of the Flies, a novel by William Golding, reflects upon the very core of human beings. Golding described human beings as innately evil. He also showed readers that all it takes to bring humans’ true nature out is by being in an unknown environment that is free of laws. Being surrounded by mysterious creatures in an unknown land, the stranded boys are left for dead. In the small world without adults, the boys slowly corrupt in to follow their instinct to satisfy their immediate desires. By being in a microcosm of society with no rules or restriction, the boys begin to seek absolute power. By setting the novel in an island without adults, Golding shows how civilization can quickly deteriorate into savagery. The theme of peace …show more content…

The breaking of Piggy’s glasses symbolizes many things. First of all, it symbolizes that many of the boys are having a conflict between their instinct to live peacefully and their instinct to satisfy their immediate need. Secondly, it represented the turning point of the novel. And finally, the breaking of Piggy’s glasses symbolizes a break in the boys’ teamwork. After this event, a split between Ralph and Jack was evident. Near the last scenes of the

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