Lord of the Flies, William Golding: The Power and Theme of the Conch Shell

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The novel; “Lord of the Flies” is a highly renowned novel written by William Golding and published in 1954. The novel embodies many themes and events that are mysterious and unanticipated for the reader. During the course of the essay I will explain how the conch shell that is found at the foundation of the first chapter plays a significant role throughout the novel and how diverse themes are brought on from this influential shell. This essay will express an opinon on the conch shell, in the end has more power and order than the actual ‘beast’ that is signified on the island. I will also explore the social leadership of the conch throughout the novel which will also touch on a few themes that the conch shell plays a role in. The conch shell is one of the first real theme/symbol that readers are introduced too and stands its power for most of the novel which is why it should be explored in further detail in this essay. The conch shell is found early in chapter one (“The Sound of the Shell”) by Ralph who is bathing in the sea because of the strenuous heat of the deserted island that the boys have been standed on. Ralph discovered the shell and he first thought it was a rock, which may foreshadow future events in the novel. At first Ralph wasn’t sure what it was but knowledgeable Piggy informed him that it was a conch shell symbolizing leadership and power. Piggy specified that the conch shell was “Ever so valuable--” The conch shell fascinated both Piggy and
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