Lord of the Flies: William Golding and Jean Jacques Rousseau

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William Golding and Jean Jacques Rousseau had very different points of view on society. Golding thought what all humans are born evil and that is what makes society horrible. Rousseau things the complete difference he thinks that all humans are born pure, nice, and innocent and that society is what corrupts humans. I agree with Rousseau because I don’t believe that all humans are born evil. This topic about these different views on society is what the book Lord of the Flies is about. The book written by Golding shows a bit of Rousseau’s view and a lot of his view on society. Jean Jacques Rousseau was a French philosopher in 1712-1778. He believed that all humans are born innocent and what corrupt them and makes evil is society. He believes that if there was no society it would not make human beings feel so judged, shy or depended on others. Without society people would feel more equal they would not want to compare themselves Humans would feel freer. Rousseau thought that society weakens humans that if someone were to grow up in a natural place and place far from society they would be stronger. Compared o the people that grow up in a society they weaken. William Golding had different thoughts; he believes that all humans are born evil and corrupt society. He believes that he evil man will all ways try to fight for power and by doing

that in corrupts society. He thinks that because they have social natures and they use that to start fight or argument, and by arguing

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