Lord of the flies literary terms

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Lord of the Flies: Literary Elements
Scar: imperfection. The island could be a Utopia, but the scar tells the reader the island is flawed.
Conch: order. The conch is used to call the boys to get themselves organized. Its possession: authority. The Individual who holds the shell has the right to speak.
Fire: spirit of civilization that must be constantly fed
Piggy’s glasses: government and political vision (created the spirit of civilization) Simon’s butterflies: innocence of childhood
Title of the novel: (translation of Beelzebub) the latent evil that is within each of us, but is kept in check by reason and social pressure (civilization). In the absence of these controls, barbarism erupts.
Pig’s head: stark reality of
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Explains the fearlessness on the island when the boys loose their identities behind masks.
C. “Piggy and Ralph found themselves eager to take a place in this demented but partly secure society.” Ralph and Piggy want to be part of “the tribe.” Need to belong has superseded the spirit of civilization, the need for order. Piggy and Ralph are victims of peer pressure. It is no longer safe to be outside the tribe. It is no longer safe to have individual thoughts; the tribe functions as a single entity.
D. “We tried to keep the fire going, but we couldn’t.” Ralph. The boys were unable to keep the spirit of civilization alive. They allowed the beast to take over. The spirit of civilization is replaced by savagery. The hope of rescue very apparent at the beginning of the novel dies as the fire dies.
E. “Memory of the dance that none of them had attended shook all four boys convulsively.” If Ralph, Piggy, Sam and Eric admit that they were involved in the dance, they will admit they were involved in the murder of Simon. Example of their childish denial of their involvement of savage events. If they admit they were involved, the event becomes very real. {Irony: they remembered something they “hadn’t done.”}
F. “Fancy thinking the beast was something you could kill.” The pig’s head is speaking to Simon while he is in one of his “fits.” The head reveals that the beast isn’t a thing or an animal, that it is actually part of the boys. The “beast” can’t be killed
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