Losing a Loved One in Shoeless Joe Jackson by W.D. Kinsella Essay

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Sometimes the biggest tragedy in someone's life is loosing a loved one. The tragedy of this event can be amplified if you're last words are bad or if there is something you forgot to tell them or meant to tell them. There are many book's that are write about this theme, for example In the book "Shoeless Joe Jackson" by W.P. Kinsella, the main character Ray Kinsella is trying desperately to reconnect with his dead father and is willing to put his reputation and financial security at risk for the opportunity to reconnect with his father as well as put his sanity up for question.
In the book" Shoeless Joe Jackson" Mr Kinsella owns a piece of farm land on which he decides to build a baseball field. He does this because he hears a …show more content…

... "are you kidnapping me?" this quote shows that in the process of doing what the voices tell him to do he travels across the US to pursue a man he has never met before, kidnap him and then take him to a baseball game. He will do all of this because he hopes that it will lead to his father coming to play baseball. This is one of the most questionable things he does and it puts him in serious risk of absolutely ruining his life and reputation by being sent to jail for kidnapping. This shows just how far Ray is willing to go to reconnect with his father. A third example of Ray Putting his reputation on the line is when ray decides to spend a large amount of money on something he does not really need like a tractor even tho he may not be able to pay his bills. this is stated when Ray says to Eddie. page 195 "Eddie Still Carps About the $4000 I spent on the tractor" this quot shows us that he is discussing the 4000 dollars he spent on this tractor with one of his neighbors and his neighbor apologizing for selling it to him when he kinda knew he could not afford making the decision look like a stupid one to all of his neighbors. This shows that he is no way trying to impress anyone which will cause him to lose his respect. So in these quotes you can see how important this is to him and that he is very desperately trying to reconnect with his father and his reputation is less important.

Ray Kinsella does many things in the attempt to

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