Loss of Companionship in Frankenstein

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The story of Frankenstein by Mary Shelley is a British literature classic. It has become so famous because of how clearly its messages transcend through time and highlight problems that the reader has in their own life. The greatest theme from Frankenstein is the need for friends or companionship, and the loss of these necessities. Readers of the book will notice that this message stands out to them because everyone has had to deal with being an outcast at some point in their life. Several of the characters throughout the novel have overcome this outcast adversity, however they all revolve around Victor Frankenstein either entering or leaving their lives. The first example of the lack of friendship is portrayed when Robert …show more content…

Henry wished to join Victor in his studies at Ingolstadt but his father would hear none of him leaving the family business and would not permit him to attend the college. So while there alone, Victor goes slightly mad and only the presence of Henry brings him slightly back towards sanity. At the unexpected sight of Clerval visiting him "Nothing could equal my delight on seeing Clerval; his presence brought back to my thoughts... of home so dear to my recollection, I grasped his hand and in a moment forgot my horror and misfortune" (37). It is obvious from this quote that Victor is extremely good friends with Henry and even his outlook on life can be altered by the mere presence of Henry. It is vital to know of this close bond later in the story when Frankenstein is holding up the end of his bargain made with the monster by fabricating a bride. Once Frankenstein changes his mind about creating her and dumps the parts into the ocean, the monster goes into a rage and, like he killed all his other victims, strangled Henry Clerval. When Victor is informed of this treachery, he goes into tremors and exhibits manic behavior. At the sight of his body "I gasped for breath; and, throwing myself onto the body... The human frame could no longer support the agonies that I endured, and I was carried out of the room in strong convulsions"

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